Commonwealth Insurance Team

There’s no doubt about the impact insurance-based solutions can have on your overall financial strategy. Insurance can bring stability after a disability or an unexpected death. It can allow an individual or couple to more efficiently transfer wealth to the next generation. And, in the case of a long-term care event, insurance can provide a layer of protection around a couple’s financial resources, should their health become compromised during retirement.

Dedicated Support
With an exclusive support team in place at Ash Brokerage, and backed by dedicated case management at Commonwealth, we are able to provide customized solutions for our clients.

Ash’s team of seasoned insurance specialists and on-staff underwriters, along with Commonwealth’s case managers, assist us with determining what type of insurance and what level of coverage is best suited for your situation.  The team also can prequalify you for various protection solutions and provide product illustrations, so that we can determine the best way to proceed.

With Ash Brokerage and Commonwealth as our insurance partner, we have direct access to an experienced group of insurance professionals who can help us every step of the way to protect you from risks to your income and savings.